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Springer Expands Its Open Access Activities With Korean Research Societies

With Gangnam Style it became the first and only country with a pop-star to get a billion views on YouTube, throwing its popular culture into the limelight as never before. The fascinating side-effect of Psys garish video is a huge upswing in interest for Korean fashion from all corners of the globe. Korean Fashion Store has launched to bring authentic Korean-made fashion items to customers in the United States and beyond.

Korean celebrities lose 'publicity' suit against Naver

4 December 2013 Chinese parents unusual love for their children is helping expensive childrens wear brands in department stores that are suffering from poor sales because of the economic downturn. Popular luxury brands for children such as Burberry Kids sell nearly as much as Korean womens clothing brands preferred by Chinese people. With Chinese customers turning their attention to Korean childrens clothing brands beyond internationally-recognized luxury brands for kids, they are treated as VIPs in Korean department stores. A sales clerk who sells childrens clothing in Lotte Department Stores main branch said, The number of Chinese customers is on the rise this year, adding, Some of them even ask whether they can buy the accessories on display. The amount of purchases of high-end childrens clothing bought at one time by Chinese people reportedly ranges from 500,000 won to 1 million won. Categories:

PartspARTs "Life is short, PartspARTs is long." That's what PartspARTs designer Im Seonoc says about her brand, with an emphasis on the "art." This is a reflection of her multidisciplinary background, which includes film, art and contemporary dance. The garments are made solely from jersey through a technology-informed process designed to minimize waste. The spring/summer collection is all chic and modern shift dresses and wide-legged trousers, made of sleek lines, unexpectedly sexy cuts and silky smooth textures. The brand's items of the moment are a work-friendly tote bag and color-blocked blouse. IMSEONOC Showroom , 208-40 Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul; +82 3443 3937 MVIO does hyper-trendy menswear. 9.

Korean Fashion Store Launches to Take Korean Fashion Global

I believe that it will have a strong impact on the textile as well as clothing and fashion communities," said Mark de Jongh, Senior Publishing Editor and coordinator of the Springer publishing program in Korea. "Springer has a robust publishing portfolio in the geosciences and we believe that the International Journal of Geo-Engineering will be an appealing addition to the program. We look forward to working with both research societies in Korea to make their official journals strong international publications." With these two additions to the SpringerOpen program, Springer is strengthening its publishing portfolio in Korea. Springer currently co-publishes 49 Korean society journals, of which seven are open access journals. The Korean book program comprises 50 new book titles from Korean authors per year.

S. Korean fashion makes inroads in Japan

Suk Gee-hyun The Korea Herald/Asia News Network Friday, Jan 24, 2014 Korean celebrities lost on Wednesday in a lawsuit that they collectively filed against major portals to seek compensation for their names being used for commercial purposes, according to the Suwon District Court. Fifty-nine celebrities filed the lawsuit against South Korea's biggest online portal Naver and its affiliate company in May last year, claiming the right of publicity. They asked for damages worth 1.2 billion won (S$1.4 million) in the high-profile suit joined by Jang Dong-gun, Bae Yong-joon and Girls' Generation, among others. The plaintiffs claimed that portals provide search results leading to commercial shopping mall sites that sell products containing their names, even though they do not endorse such products.

10 hot South Korean fashion brands and where to buy them

Korean fashion makes inroads in Japan S. With an established reputation for craftsmanship, South Korean firms are also known to quickly toko jaket jepang online keren adopt cutting-edge fads. They appear confident that Japans affection for South Korean music, television and other forms of popular culture will translate into success in the fashion world. A Dolly & Molly shop in the Shibuya Parco department store. (The Japan News) The South Korean womens clothing brand Dolly & Molly opened its first store in Japan in Parco department store in Shibuya, Tokyo, on Aug.

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